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hillary for the wisdom to cause lovely thank you

For the dignity of what matters to most all and any human, the female of us matters the most!!!! It is true that we often for get to treat her like a lady or may I should say we remember and are for some stange reason afraid of lady like it can get the best of us or something I'm not sure yet time after time every day we take the ladyness of humanity and use her as some sort of beast of burden and for why i,ll never and don't want to know it is so vulgar to me to see my kind abuse femininity and female and lady and especially to watch MOM get it day after day in humanity is awfull!!!!Now HILLARY CLINTON STANDS AS MOM AND i'll again never figure out how humans can misunderstand so effecently the way misunderstanding gets experianced among them those misunderstanding humans!!!! Ok back to it; THE PROJECT IS NONE OF THE ABOVE AND NOT PRESEDENT IF ANYONE ELSE was running it would be none of the above now yet because it is Mrs Hillary Clinton the United States Citizen with any wisdom realizeing the vagrantcy of the disfunctional ballot and the way george bush has taken such false bashing and no one yet Mrs Clinton could possibly take that giants place would jump on the useablness of Mrs Clinton cause a LOVELY effect while that gives the citizen 4 yrs to wake each other up and get none if the above on the ballot !!!! the goal after that is to get 5currencys going get the voteing age down to 6 yrs and challenge citizenship in the United States Of America tha tis faceing the real imagrant from the chineese not china from chineese thatis big difference and not refugees like what is mis termed now from south america those humans are refugees from the hell of 3rd righk after germany fell they went to south america its a mess for sure no accurate report on earth now no one can presedent and Mrs Clinton looks beutiful in the false blame seat barack can't can't not break up under the false accusation of the helpless shoes of the PRESEDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA GOD HELO THOSE HELPLESS CITZEN VAGRANT CONGRESS AND SENATE BRIBED CONFLICT OF INTEREST SHOES !!!!VOTE HILLARY AND DEMAND BARACK OBAMA VICE PRESEDENT TOO U.S. NEEDS THEM IN THOSE TWO POSITIONS AND EVERY ONE PLAYING DUMB TO ARGUE
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