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A new poll --- an old question

*I'm posting this in a couple live journal communities so I apologize if you see it more than once*

Every week there is at least one article --- Obama beats Clinton in new poll... Clinton trails Obama against McCain in new poll... Clinton beats Obama in new poll on economy....Obama beats Clinton in new poll on war...

blah blah blah

Here's this week's announcement

This one was interesting to me because it addresses Ohio and Florida as two key states in the General election. In the end I think Michigan will be the key state this time around, but I don't disagree that these two states are critical for a democratic win in November.

So I ask... What do you think of this article? does it change your mind about which candidate you support? why or why not?

Personally, it made me think. It doesn't change my mind about who I support but it did make me look a little closer as to why I support them.

****and for those of you getting ready to caucus again on April 5th... remember, you are not locked into the candidate you are a delegate for... it is your job to vote on the principles of the people who elected you to be their delegate...changing your mind does not abandon them IF you change because of what they told you was important and you believe a different candidate fits those priorities more accurately. ****
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