normanspalding (normanspalding) wrote in clinton08,

Dreamteam Clinton/Obama

With a disfunctional ballot for two hundred years that the US has experienced, the target for the next election is "None of the Above" on the ballot.

Meanwhile, in '08, the exciting opportunity of Hillary Clinton filling the shoes of the strongest US President that has ever lived. George Bush takes more false accusation than anyone living.  Tehrefore, anyone walkking into his shoes has to be equally capable or better, and she's better at it, she's femaie.  Barack Obama will break apart like a vase tyring tof ill George Bush's shoes.

The citizen in the United States of America, all over the world, has to wake up and remember the internationalism of sovereignty. All the currencies of the earth are in receivership and contracts in receivership run the earth. All of our candidates are puppets for citizenship vagrant. The conversation of the planet earth in its state of erosion looking for more is vagrancy. The citizen is forced at this point to have "none of the above" adjacent to every candidate position polled for. Democracy is a funciton in all systems and its polling process must have a remark to the absence of logic. Any ballot that does not is disfunctional. That is the project of citizenship and Hillary Clinton, here is one citizen that thanks you very much for offering yourself to the most fragile position in humanity. We thank God for you.
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